Important Visitor Information on the Roads2 Travel Company Tour of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park (B Reactor) at Hanford

Tours may be cancelled, delayed or re-routed at any time if warranted by safety or security conditions.

There are No Refunds on PrePaid Roads2 Travel Company Day-Adventures, but all Day-Adventures can always be rescheduled or transferred to another person.

All requests for bookings/confirmed reservations will be required by calling (425-493-4555) or text message @ (424-344-5367)  or e-mail to -

Upon receipt of requests for bookings/ reservations, a Roads2 Travel Company e-mail will be sent to the requesting individual  for PayPal debit or credit card prepayment.

Upon receipt of each PayPal debit or credit card prepayment, all bookings/reservations for the requesting individual  will be guaranteed by a confirmed tour reservation e-mail from the Roads2 Travel Company to the requesting individual.

Note: PayPal prepayment does not require an individual to have a PayPal account.  PayPal prepayments can be paid  as a 'Guest'.

General B Reactor Tour Requirements

Visitors on these tours will be escorted at all times and will be taking a tour bus along predetermined routes.

There is no minimum age for these tours. However, for all visitors under the age of 18, a parent or legal guardian must sign the tour release form agreeing that he/she has been made aware of the potential hazards, has discussed them with his/her child, and that he/she will either accompany the child on the tour or has designated another adult to ensure the child’s compliance with the rules. The tour release form must be turned in by the day of the tour. Each child must have a signed release form; there are no exceptions to this rule.
Note: the tour release forms will be distributed to each tour visitor by the Roads2 Travel Company.

Guests on the tour of the B Reactor National Historical Landmark should be able to remain on their feet for at least 30 minutes.

The tour bus is equipped with air conditioning, but the B Reactor is not heated or cooled. Visitors should be prepared for temperatures as high as 90 degrees in the summer and as low as near-freezing in the early spring. We recommend sun screen, water, sunglasses, and a hat

Prohibited Articles

The following items are prohibited at the park visitor center, as well as on the tour. Personal items and the tour bus are subject to inspection at any time to ensure compliance.

• Dangerous weapons.

• Knives with blades longer than four inches, spring-blade knives, and any knife with a blade that opens, falls, or is ejected into position by force of gravity, or by an outward downward, or centrifugal thrust or movement.

• Machetes, hatchets, axes, straight razors, and similar cutting devices.

• Ammunition

• Explosives

• Incendiary devices

• Illegal drugs, including marijuana, and associated paraphernalia

• Alcoholic beverages (including "near beer")

• Any items prohibited by state or federal law

• Pets/animals (except certified service animals)

Safety Information

Tour staff will give a safety orientation and answer questions prior to the start of the tour. Participants should be able to understand Hanford safety and awareness information.

As a tour participant, you are responsible for:

• Following the directions of the tour staff

• Staying on the tour path at all times

• Using good judgment

• Recognizing hazards and being careful

• Not touching the facilities or their contents

• Complying with these instructions described here and explained by your escort

The B Reactor is an industrial site. You are going to see piping, valves, electrical boxes and conduit. Stay on the tour path and be careful not to hit your head, arm or shoulder. You will also notice some uneven walking surfaces.

Please be careful not to trip. We sometimes see biological hazards such as spiders, scorpions, mice, birds, or bats. Staff will be present at all times and can address any hazards.

During the construction of the B Reactor in the early 1940s, materials were used that are now considered hazardous, such as asbestos, lead and mercury. These hazards have been removed or stabilized for the safety of workers and visitors. The facility is inspected prior to each tour, and has controls in place.

The B Reactor still contains radioactivity in certain areas, but that radioactivity is strictly controlled with no public access. Closed-off areas are clearly marked with ropes, signs, closed doors, etc. All radiological hazards at the Hanford Site are easily identified by the international black or magenta trefoil on a yellow background. The tour route has had extensive radiological surveys, and continues to be evaluated daily. The tour does not include any areas where there is a potential for exposure above background. Please remain on the tour path and in designated areas at all times.

Emergency Preparedness and Response

In the event of an emergency, the tour staff will give you instructions and guidance. Your tour guide has been trained in DOE and Hanford emergency response procedures. ALWAYS follow the direction of your tour guide, who will ensure the correct response to any facility alarms and/or site-wide emergency signals.

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